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this is the lamest school in the world. not being raicst but 90% of the kids are white, 5% are african americans, and 5% are other. the kids in this school are lame ass hell. the white kids wear hollister, aeropostale, abercrombie and fitch, and american eagle. and they think that shit cool, dont nobody wear that lame ass shit but lame ass white kids and black people are not suppose to wear that shit. (ONCE AGAIN IM NOT BEING RACIST, IM JUST TELLING THE TRUTH) 97% percent of the white boys at dgs are lame ass hell, they wear bangs in their hair like females, and they be wearing tight ass pants and skate shoes, that shit aint cool yall lame ass hell. and a few of the black kids been in that area 2 long that they are starting to talk and act like white boys. this is the worst school ever its so many fucking lames at that school yeah u do learn alot at that school but the school lame ass hell
Downers grove south is the lamest school in the world.
by SOMEONE REAL May 31, 2009
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