The most amazing women ever. Super inspirational. So sweet. A beautiful person and a girl who really shows so much love to everyone. She is generous, loyal, an amazing singer and actress. I can write a whole book of how amazing she is. She is my passion my joy. The person who makes me smile. The person who can build happiness. She's cute like a button and someone I'll remember.
by Dovr cameron September 05, 2017
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Dove Cameron is a kind, loving, and a talented young women. She cares about her loved ones unconditionally. She can sing like an angel from heaven. In fact, she is an angel from heaven. She is the best, and most talented person I have ever seen in every way shape or form.
Dove Cameron is very talented, and beautiful.
Dove Cameron can sing very well.
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by ¿♡? December 15, 2018
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A piece of white soap, with green eyes and an annoying voice who s was in a Disney show. Currently dating a hot British actor, but her career is flopping.She tries to be an angel, but honestly cringe
Do you know Dove Cameron?
You mean that average white celebrity girl?
by Liza1234567890 November 30, 2018
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