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Proper terminology for oversized black 'hipster' glasses. Legend has it that through these useless bifocals, the world actually looks 40% more inferior to you.
Emma's douchegoggles may have caused her to think that Raphael was impressed by her Belle and Sebastien tee shirt.
by Noma D. Plume March 05, 2011
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Noun. Sport sunglasses; often gaudy, angular, and racy. Lenses are often (though not always) reflective, showcasing colors that don't occur in nature (such as Nuclear Orange or Pandemic Purple). Occasionally worn by guidos, more often worn by rednecks, always worn by douches. Occasionally worn indoors (this is a tell-tale habit of douches the world over).

Douche goggles can be manufactured by any company (none are exempt), as it is the APPLICATION, not the make, of said sunglasses that determines their (the glasses') douchey characteristics.

See also: Douche, Douchebag, Guido, Redneck
That guy's always fucking wearing his fucking douche goggles. He's a piece of shit.

His douche goggles make his douchery all the more palpable.
by Chutzler May 22, 2009
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Someone who wears oversized sunglasses, or aviator style sunglasses. (ex. Victoria Beckham, Nicole Richie)
"I went out to Scottsdale the other day, and this dude was wearing douche goggles, what a loser"
by ADSPHX January 21, 2009
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