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When some douchebag comes along and buggers up something that is valuable or important to you through a combination of ignorance and arrogance plus a measure of intent.
After his election, Obama committed many acts of douchebuggery against the country.
by Harold LeCat February 10, 2014
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The act of cleaning up with a vinegary solution after your rectal cavity has been violated by an insensitive person or object or if you are removing your own head from your rectal cavity, the necessary and well advised cleaning process that ensues.
"Oh darn, I wish I had more time, but I can't talk now. I have to go and clean up after my daily rectocranialinversion so I will call you back later". Now that is some serious douchebuggery.
by ptsheddachshund September 09, 2009
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The improvised cleansing of one's anus with a store bought douche kit.
Me and my cousin was gettin shitdick often and the festerin became painful, what with the corn kernels, pepper seeds and all. So we invented in the douche buggery kit for the rectum and Bob's you Uncle! Buy one today and your dick pains will be behind you, or you cousin, rather..... Also introducing the Rectum Relief kit! *The aggressive buggering in this ad was done by professionals on a closed buggering course. Do not attempt... Introducing New Joe's Buggering cream!! One Dalope and all you Buggering issues will ..
by Bugmen September 01, 2018
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