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A person who is douching.

A man who is in fact a loser or fag.

A funny insult to call friends.
(Devin) That man is a doucha...he is annoying and all around a complete faggot.

(JJ) I agree, what a doucha.

(Rylee) Im not a doucha.

(Skyler) Ummmmm.. yes you are
and we all hate you..
by JJ BigJay May 24, 2009
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A woman Douche, some people like to consider guys as "Douche" then ladies as "Doucha"1
Exp.1 - Omfg, (Oh my fucking god) Samantha is such a doucha.
Exp.2 - Wow, Could She be any more of a Doucha? Good god !
by ZachoTM August 08, 2007
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