1.An unbelievably invention. Currently only available in very select stores, a Big Mac with 4 burgers in. That's right.

2. Wear two rain coats an once, like a cilly sunt.

Me: Dude, I ate a double mac yesterday!

You: Shit man, that's a lot of plastic and polythene, ain't that dangerous?
by bladebond84 February 7, 2007
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An old thing from the 1970's, still sporting that frizzy mop, who is red-faced, drunk, and usually in velour jogging suits; frequently found at stop and rob convenience stores, buying cigarettes and alcohol, singing old tunes and making eyes at the ladies.
I can't even buy a Slurpee without tripping over that Double Mac Davis. Why doesn't he move to Phoenix and just melt to the tan interior of his Cadillac El Dorado?
by Guillermo April 1, 2004
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A type of Big Mac where there is 4 beef patties loads of sauce and lettuce cheese pickles and onions on a sesame seed bun. It's about $8.00 for the combo. Also named as Mega Mac.
by personqwerty123456789 May 21, 2011
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When you feed your partner mac and cheese during loud sex, so mac and cheese noises are coming from both ends of her.
Last night we were running late, so instead of having dinner and then sex, I gave ger the Double Ended Mac Attack
by CatAttack420 October 18, 2022
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