Defence of the Ancients
A Warcraft 3 map originally made by a guy calling himself Eul, who left the map to be edited by others.
The flow of new stuff coming to the latest, and most popular version of DotA, DotA Allstars has been rather slow lately, but still many people play this map, both in public games and in private clan games. It is not hard to find a DotA game with players of your own skill level.

What more can be said about DotA is that the word pawned is used in a way that makes people think that it's the same as pwnd, meaning owned. The word pwnd hardly comes from DotA though. Also shorts, like GG (meaning Good Game) and B (meaing pull back) are overused by some players.

DotA is fun, if you play it with the right person/people.
However, many people play DotA to annoy people that really want to play the map and have fun.
"An enemy has picked Goblin Techies"
Techies buy 6 Ironwood Branches and run to the middle of the map, dropping all of them. Then he runs towards the closest enemy tower, blowing himself up.
Player with Techies writes: "GG i leave, DotA is for n00bs!"
Player with Techies leaves the game.
by debleckdeth July 14, 2006
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Defense of the Ancients.
Most guys who play computer games, and in specific Warcraft 3, will be playing DotA.
It is a custom made map made by IceFrog.
A reason for a guy to leave his girlfriend for a bit. Generally, a bit equals to sixty minutes.
Kevin: "Dude.. Homework is a drag. Let's go DotA."
Vee: "Hahaha, so what're you doing?"
Kevin: "Hmm... Can I call you back in about ... sixty minutes?"
Vee:"... You're dota-ing aren't you."
by DYktSPEC February 5, 2009
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Commonly known as defend of the ancients. But sometimes known as Dix Out The Ass, because of the nature of its gameplay.
Player 1:Hey lets play DOTA!!!
Player 2:Okay, Dix Out The Ass is SO FUNNN!!!!1
by DOTAAAAA May 13, 2010
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A collection of anecdotal information. Similar to data, a collection of factual information.

The plural of anecdote is not data, it is dota. Pronounced with a long "O" sound like go or no.

Collection of stories, understanding, impressions, ideas that lead one to have a belief of what the facts will be.

Information gathered from many internet sources giving numbers/figures/measurements that are similar for a given item, yet not recognized by the manufacturer of that item.

Information that can be used to estimate, or gives an impression of a trend, but is not factual data.
"Every one says that is a good place to get a 5 dollar meal." That is anecdotal information. Receipts from several meals is data. Many people saying they got a meal for about five dollars is Dota about the price of a meal there.

The manufacturer says that powder is not recommended for reloading that cartridge. Many posters on the internet are using a given amount of powder to reload that cartridge. Assembling all the information people post is Dota, not data.
by red442joe March 16, 2014
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Defense of the Ancients. A new drug breed, also some consider it a 'sport'. Fuck you its not a sport, its something to do in your spare time that u have in your 16-hour no life days after u get done whacking off a few times. Is pretty fun, UNTIL YOU PLAY ALL 72 HEROES 23598632 GOD DAMN TIMES AND YOU PWN WITH ALL OF THEM and people think they have mad SkillZ when they r zeus and get every kill in the game possible because of their ulti. Fun tho. Needs upgraded. I PWN YOU AT DOTA, BIATCH!
Shit_talker-NOOB: Ya? U think u can pwn THIS?
Pro: No, i dont think i can :(.
Pro just pawned Shit_talker-NOOB's head for an extra 170 gold!
Pro: Sorry i suck so bad.
Shit_talker-NOOB has left the game.

Host: Banned.

Stupid-Bitch: WTF!!!!?
Asshole: WTF?????
Always_Sniper: WTF????

Another game of DotA
Brought to you by...
and Icefrog :)
by ThnkU4POTsmokng October 20, 2006
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the gayest game in the whole world. i mean guys play it so they think they can impress girls but in reality girls think theyre dorks. and mostly if you play dota, its either youre a nerd or a guy who thinks he's a player. guys think this game makes them look cool but playing counter strike makes guys look cooler in reality.
nerd: yes! triple kill! --*started speaking in nerdish*
nerd 2: *nerd language*
girl: omg they suck ass, i thought he was hot but then he started playing this DOTA shit it just turns me off.
girl 2: i know right, lets just look for some guys who can play on guitar hero or counter strike.
by chica12346 March 29, 2010
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It's time to have a dota break; Hand me a dota; or Give me that dota
by kwhl March 15, 2009
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