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a creature whom lives in dorkzoiv land. There are many species
Telegraphy:most terrifying
buttface:does NOT have a butt for a face but very long legs
normal:name says it all
old:hates young
young:hates old
There are much more but it is against the dorkzoiv law for me to tell you
the dark pit:if you fall in here you die
dorkzoiv transporter:transports dorkzoivs from island to island(you have a 99.99% chance of dying this way)
there are three main islands in the dorkzoiv world
dorkzoivisland,humanworld and buttface island (currently under construction)

a dilbird flys over the dorkoiv world once a year.If you give it scroot (known as dew in the english language) you get a mincepie and if you give it nothing you become dimwitted.

supermunnia is the dilbirds friend.she protects dorkzoiv world from evildoers.
WOW!i saw a young dorkzoiv there!
by dorkzoiv fan November 04, 2007
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