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Dopplegullet is the mult-layered hanging skin that only manifests in overweight women over the ago of 70. Reminescent of a turkey's wattle, when one with dopplegullet speaks, an echoey waffle is often heard. This is the effect of the dopplegullet. Julia Childs is a famous example of a dopplegullet. Dopplegullets generally prefer to appear on the necks of famous culinary women, as it is generally considered to have epicurian qualities not fully understood by those who cannot acquire a dopple gullet through natural selection A single clucking sound from a well formed dopplegullet, depending on the intonations, can make or break the chances of a new recipe, restaurant or career of a promising young chef. A person with a well formed dopplegullet can earn the respect of her peers through the judicious and wise use of this fabled human outgrowth.
When the lobster bisque contained too much cayene, once Julia Childs shook her dopplegullet and let out a disapproving waffle, Chef Voulez Vouz was never heard from again.
by Vorlon007 September 14, 2013
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