1. A person that no body is friends with that lurks behind a group of friends and adds awkward comments that kill the convorsation.

2. A chubby looking kid that you spot across the room laughing really loud while making a ridiculous face
"Look at that kid. Why is he the biggest doons?"
by Big Dan20 May 10, 2007
Doon is food that pigeons eat. They go crazy when they see it.
Doon is good.
by kius March 8, 2018
is where you put your arm around someone and then goosetheir tits
when drunk go say hi to someone put your arm around them and then sneak in a bit of dooning
by the dooner March 14, 2011
A doon is a foolish person, doing something stupid. Mashup of Doofus and Goon.
Boy: What are you doing, you doon!
Girl: You're a complete doon!
by iisuperduperwomanii December 22, 2016
when someone is owned in any situation , related to the word "bitched"
Dude you just got totally dooned on that play.
by nati kidddd October 11, 2005
A penis, often people say that a doon is a black mans penis but they are full of shit. it is a penis, doesnty matter on race, religion or doon size.
these pants are making my doon itch

did you see that chick last night? she was all over my doon

hey jake! you have a pin doon
by asher wilde November 20, 2007
Doon is an abbreviation of the term 'What are you doing?', which eventually formed 'What you doon?', then to 'Doon!'. Coined by the famous Hanc.

It can mean anything you want it to, such as a greeting or added in general conversation.

It has also aided in the creation of the language 'Doonish'.
Chris - doon!
Barry - doondaloon.
Chris - did you go oon last noon?
Barry - yeah it was foon mentoon, this goon was all over my coo.... errr... cock
Chris - skoon
by douchecrew April 30, 2009