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A question that cannot be answered without lying, or changing the subject to avoid an undesired effect.

This is commonly done in an argument or disagreement when they think doing so will make a point. It will only make a point to gullible morons.
Normal Person: The kicker is important in a football game.

Douchebag: Is he as important as the quarterback? (doomsday question)

Normal Person: (shakes head and sighs) What do you think...

Douchebag: I asked you not me

Normal Person: (depressed) No...

Douchebag: Exactly so you were wrong. The quarterback is much more important.

Normal Person: Did I say the kicker was more important than the quarterback?

Douchebag: So the kicker is more important? (doomsday question #2)
by Optical_Epilepsy June 28, 2011
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