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Form of dewd speak, alternative for dude, But useful for a chick or a homie.
Whats up dooder?
by RavingLunatic February 18, 2003
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the singular and plural word for male or female genitalia.
1. dang boy, you make my dooders wet

2. ooh gurl, you make my dooders erect

3. the size of ones dooders does not really make a difference

4. show us your DOODERZZZZ!!~~~
by charlesmansonLOL February 28, 2009
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It is when you don't know the word for something, you substitute the word dooder.
Can you hand me that dooder over there?

I went to go pick up the dooder on the table.
by Dooder City December 20, 2008
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Anything in a small amount, could be a chip, a small morsel of food, or even nap.
Dude, im tired man, im definately taking a dooders when i get home.

yo, let me get a little dooders?
by K- Funnelz February 28, 2008
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A manner by which senior citizens refer to feces or defecation.
... i lined that Nazi son-of-a-bitch right up in my sights, took a deep breath and squeezed the trigg- oops, i just doodered my pants!
by Spencer Chan March 10, 2009
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an unexpectedly small piece of fecal release
"I was struggling getting this log out, but it was just a dooder."

"I'm going to drop a dooder on your chesticles."

"I shot out a dooder, and splashed my asshole."
by Joe-Han April 16, 2008
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