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A fight or ruckus. Usually with a group of people. It is smaller than a brewhaha, but larger than a fight.
"Those two starting to argue and before I knew it, I was in the middle of an oldschool donny brook."
by ...rockstar... June 06, 2007
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A donnybrook is most widely known as it relates to hockey. When teams get into a bench clearing brawl with multiple players fighting it other the commentators refer to it as a 'donnybrook'
Last nights game between the Las Vegas Knights and the Colorado Avalanche turned into one hell of a donnybrook when both teams benches emptied!
by brytor February 23, 2019
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a place in Dublin full of stuck up,rugger buggers and cunts
Im from Donnybrook, Im so much better than you, ya kneaww?
by womoma April 17, 2005
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