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Name of a real ass nigga. He say what he want. He do waht he want. And he has a big heart. Most definitely a 1 of 1 and has a big heart but a temper smaller than Gary Coleman. Puts God first and takes care of his fam. If you know one show em some love and he'll show it right back
Yo Donnovan whats good?
Not shit fam how you been?
by Chubby Boats December 21, 2016
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Name of a nice caring person, he has a big heart and wants to look out for everyone he loves, most of the time he's heartbroken and he moves very fast in life and relationships (unless he's heartbroken)
Aye bro did you see Donnovan fighting that dude for anahi

Hell yeah bro he really loves her
by Chubby costs June 06, 2017
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