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A random word that Max Hartman made up while he was high.
A belgian waffle in the shape of a horse.
"Wow, I am so high. I think I'll go on for no reason and make up a word."
"Want a donkeywaffle for breakfast?
by Rix January 01, 2005
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Donkeywaffle is a brilliant and flexible word with witch the context can be adjusted to fit nearly any situation! Donkeywaffle can be used as an interjection or as a noun, expressing suprise, dismay, or a delicious waffle-like confection in the shape of a donkey!
Oh muh donkeywaffle! That thurr's the fattest biatch ah evah did see!

Hello, ma'am! How's your flight going? Can I get you anything? A donkeywaffle, perhaps?
by mAx May 03, 2004
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Noun: misgendered crotch cleavage, especially on a transgender individual. Lips of female genitalia on a pre-op female to male tranny, or male genetalia bulge on a pre-op male to female tranny. Men get moose-knuckles. Women get camel-toes. Trannies get donkey-waffles.
Whoa dude! Check out the gnarly donkey-waffle on Pat. I think I’m gonna vomit!
by B'Jeff February 03, 2018
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