1: The best ape you'll ever know! a Monkey repesentaion of Roy Koopa

2: To do a girl from behind, but, when she is about to orgasm, smash a big barrel on her head, making the orgasm better and instantly

3: to be strong enough for the biggest bully to surrender to a teabag
1: DK: Two words. BANANA! SLAMMA!
King K Rool: AAHH!

Diddy: *mumbles* this trick is going to make my day!
Dixie: Here it, ungh, comes!
Diddy: DONKEY KONG! *smashes a barrel* I AM THE MASTA! WHOOOO!


DK: Hey, you!
Bully: Hey, U.O.I! Pay up:
DK: You must know this! BANANA SLAMMA!
*T-Bags the Bully*
by your best idiot April 05, 2010
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A name for a very large, normally Italian, penis.
"Whoa, Bill has a Donkey Kong!"


"Have you seen that Bill has a DK!?"
by WHS Drum Line May 03, 2010
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To do your girl from the missionary position to the point of climax, then start pounding HER chest with your fists while making monkey noises.
Marcus: My old lady just came back from the hospital with tape around her ribs.

Sam: No shit, what happened?

Marcus: I Donkey Konged her.
by Sam Horrey July 10, 2008
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A variation to the well known Donkey Punch. Where as Donkey Punch refers to when you are having doggy style vaginal sex. Donkey Kong refers to when you are having anal sex and you are about to "go" and you hit your unknowing mate in the back of the head so that they punch up their butt cheeks to make "your" orgasm that much better and stronger.
Last week I was tappin' that ass from behind, I thought I might try to Donkey Kong that whore in the back of head right before I was gonna cum. OMG!!!! She punched up her ass cheeks on my Johnson and I came SOOOOOOO HARD!!! My advise to you, dont try and Donkey Kong her in front of the mirror, she will see it comming.
by rhbandit August 08, 2009
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a exotic dancer which resembles an ape like species. Aka a sleezy beezy.
Commonly seen in Geoffreys' house. (He likes ugly people)
"Geoffrey, stop doing donkey kong, Take out the trash and eat your paste!"

"The stripper pole says 'no donkey kongs allowed'"
by Thizzman June 13, 2006
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Australian term for deridable nonsense - used sardonically or in fun
What a load of donkey kong.
by Gina Dow August 10, 2006
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