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Dongbot is a slang term for a vibrator - the most rudimentary form of a sexbot or fuckbot. Such devices don't have enough personality to even approach being a lovebot, though rumors persist of many women falling in love with their Jack Rabbits, Red Demons, Black Daddys, and even special showerheads -- all devices designed to maximize female orgasm.

A plain dildo is kind of like a dead vibrator, but could also qualify as a dongbot.

By extension, a dongbot could also be a replica of female sex parts used by men. Usually such devices have 1 to 3 orifices with only a little context surrounding the holes. Like just a face, with eyes, nose, and a fuckable mouth, period. Or some female porn star's crotch, just the crotch, nothing else, no belly, no legs, just 2 holes and maybe some fur. You can see these on the sex toy sites. The less body the more the device is a dongbot. In this respect the penile pump is the ultimate dongbot for males, having no body parts except for a sucking slidy orifice.

By contrast, even a blow-up doll is much more than a dongbot. When sailors took blow-up dolls on long voyages, as bunk mates, these life-size dolls may have even become a limited form of lovebot. Look at Tom Hanks and the volleyball. We humans value sex, but we also long for companionship and love.

Incidentally, according to net sources, Japanese sailors used more of a dongbot than a love doll on long voyages. Called a "Dutch wife" (they got the idea from the Dutch?), this was like a leather pillow with a hole. The interior of the hole was reportedly lined with silk.

As Lenny Bruce once said, men will schtupp anything, even mud. Apparently women aren't much different, they just prefer something long, hard, and tingly. Dongbots are a technological advance over mud and cucumbers. There's just not enough body there to want to marry one.

overheard at an overpriced latte cafe:

"Did you buy another glass dongbot?"

"This one is sexier, it's pink and has a better G-spot bend. I dunno, plastic dongbots just don't do it for me, even ones with synflesh. Seem so artificial. Glass is hard and kinky."
by dsimms February 26, 2008
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