Dutch wife can refer to a sleeping contraption or a human-sized pillow or even a sex doll. Similar terms: bamboo wife, Chikufujin, Dakimakura.

The origin of the English term "Dutch wife" is thought to be from the Dutch colony of Indonesia where Dutch traders would spend long periods away from their wives.
My Dutch wife is much softer than yours.
by Alfredas February 13, 2012
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n. Blow-up doll. Orig.: Dutch people use body-length bolsters to sleep with...or so they claim.
by Holden McCrank April 22, 2003
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Large sack stuffed with canvas (sails). Sailors used these to wedge themselves in their bunks during rough weather so they wouldn't roll about.

In the time this term was coined dutch women presumably had a reputation for being unresponsive and apathetic in bed. (Things on this front have improved markedly however.)
When the weather turned rough I had to use my dutch wife or I would be thrown about my bunk
by Zonko October 1, 2007
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An inflatable, full body-length sex doll.
(More lifelike versions of the doll have begun to appear on the market in recent history. They're made of more expensive synthetic rubber type materials.)
"I wonder how these sex dolls got their name dutch wife."

"Who cares about the wives and the Dutch anyway?"

by Empire of the Moon December 8, 2006
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