if an activity, event or deal is done and dusted it has been completed successfully and none of it is left to be done.
With our new software package you can have the whole year's accounts done and dusted in just a few hours.
by Laima August 9, 2006
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Well, thinking about this logically, projects and tasks cause a mess and/or the actual project has minor details to perfect it. When you're finished, you put away your tools and then dot your i's & cross your t's. When something is "done and dusted", it's not merely created or accomplished, it's also polished and cleaned up after. Nothing else is needed, so it can be considered "case closed".
I had a lot to do last week, but I got it all done and dusted. Today I relax! (... This will never be said about a Microsoft product.)
by LogicallySpeaking May 9, 2008
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Someone has really put on the make-up . . Can be a negative . . .or a positive thing . . .
Lord God! SHe has done dusted her mug ! Tiffani Michaels
by LEE THOMAS HOLTZCLAW August 13, 2010
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