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When you're putting on the Disc Golf course and you bounce it off the basket, it makes a distinct noise (doink). Accordingly, the act of doinking a golf disc off of the basket is called "doinkage".
Now I created this word (doinkage) for this action but a friend of mine said he had heard it before. I conceded that it was possible the word doink existed but I laid exclusive claim to the word "doinkage". So I researched it to ensure I was indeed correct. Yours is the only dictionary where the word doink appears. And I was heartened to see that my definition of doinkage as related to Disc Golf is consistent with the many definitions of doink submitted. Because doinkage on the Disc Golf course can make you feel
1)you got screwed or robbed (if you doink a long putt)
2) like an idiot (if you doink a gimme putt)
3) like you just got kicked in the nuts (if you experience doinkage while putting for the match)

If you talk a lot of shit before or during a golf match, then the rest of us will pray for doinkage and revel in every putt you doink. Your doinkage will make us smile. You fit definition number 2 of doinker as submitted by Doinker.

For those not familiar with Disc Golf:
In the sport of Disc Golf the golfer putts into a Disc Golf Basket, originally called a Disc Golf Pole. This is a pole placed in the ground (approx. 5' in height above the ground)which at the top has a circular steel chain rack (22" in diameter) and at the center of the pole a circular basket made of steel rods (26" diameter,5" deep). Approximately 24 strands of chain hang from the outer portions of the steel chain rack at the top and connect to the pole just inside the top of the basket.
The idea is for the thrown golf disc to hit the chains and drop into the basket.
He was playing well and should have won the tournament. But he had some major doinkage on the back nine.
by Mark J May 29, 2005
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