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Situations of absolute chaos and madness, that always seem to co-ordinate and synchronise, where you still manage to end up top dog.
Someone jumped in front of the train again. Then everyone starting puking all over the train. I was delayed for 30 minutes, but was only 5 minutes late for work, and made the meeting in time, but sweating my tits off. What a dogshow!
by gpt.sunbeam January 20, 2012
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a gathering of or conversation between several girls, usually the unattractive or doggish type. Men, forever objectifying, rate or judge the dogs based on appearance and personality.
Dude 1- 'Hey Brad, theres a Dog Show about to start behind you.'

Brad- "true man, I saw a few thoroughbreds walk through the door not too long ago. I'm feelin' real judgmental tonight."

by CharlesCheese February 21, 2009
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Feeling a guy's crotch while hooking up to check the size of his package and/or arousal state. Inspired by the technique performed by dog-show judges to assess structure and functionality.
Dinner didn't go so well, but after the dogshow I thought I'd give him another shot.
by Fireandice June 20, 2010
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