one of the best sex positions of all time; the woman gets on her hands and knees and the man is behind sticking his dick into her pussy. it also gives the guy a great view of her butt. talking from experience, it might be easier for the male to hold onto your hips or breasts as he penetrates. be warned that it can hurt the first time.
man and woman get into doggie style position....
woman: *groans* ah baby i love it when you do that. push harder...
by GLaMGaL0x July 9, 2007
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when one person is on all fours getting fucked from behind. either in the ass or pussy
lily took it doggie style from j.
by lily March 14, 2003
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how every guy imagines what it would be like to have a wife/girlfriend who wouldnt mind sex when ever, where ever.
at a bar you bend her over the bar and fuck her up the ass or pussy
by Matthew T February 9, 2004
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a sexual intercourse position that men learn from dogs. Especially helpful when the woman have a nice body but fucked up face, so that we don't have to see their face....
"That chick got a nice body but fucked up face, I will only do her in doggie style."
by Gary Ng March 30, 2004
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a peformance that is fucking done by looking at a dog taking it up the arse with another one to see how its done so that you can try scuttling like a dog if you want to know more positions of sex look at a book of kama sutra that bollocks has it all maybe the king kong position as well
fuck me fuck me i like that doggie style
yeah well i like kinky sex with dogs
fucking hell you can stay out my fucking back yard you fucking beastiality kinky bugger
do you want me to dress you up as a dog and bugger you
piss off you fuckwit
by Jackroll April 2, 2006
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a man takes his goods, his penis and inserts it into the anus of another man or woman who is on all fours and makes and orgasm
i heard he and that chic/dude did it doggie style on the bed.
by Siddalee February 7, 2003
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