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there is only one in the whole universe and all four of the dimensions of the galaxy...they call it the dobus(DOE-BUS)...the biggest, most monstrous soft cock with pubes as long as the depts of hell that drags on the ground as you walk so it requires you use lubricant on the tip so it doesnt get rusty, it also rises upwards slowly throughout your whole by the time you die, jesus will be sucking on your dick.....and the lubricant will probably be gone by that time....unless its flavored.....cause it has an after taste...........sheesh my dad cant even compete with one of these mother fuckers......
person 1: dude, i know who has the dobus
person 2: no way man, your fuckin lying...
person 1: fuck you, im not lying!!! i seriously know!!
person 2: dude, you are such a dick for kidding around with something as serious as this
person 1: I am not kidding...i swear on my fuckin life!!!
person 2: i'll kick your ass...
person 1: bitch (*slaughters person 2*)
person 1: fuckin
by dee infamus dobus seeker December 12, 2010
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