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Refers to where one or both slow-dance partners nod off and gradually sink to the floor in a drowsy heap, for one of three reasons:
(1) The music is so relaxing that it puts the dancer(s) to sleep
(2) The partner's company/closeness is super-reassuring and satisfying, and so the limp-legged person experiences a similar "contented nap" reaction that he'd get from a slumber hug
(3) One or both partners have had a long/stressful day (which is probably what had originally prompted them to come to the dance-floor to "unwind" in the first place), and so they feel too exhausted to dance --- or maybe even stand up --- anymore.
Buxom cutie: I dunno what it is with me --- every mushy-hearted guy I dance with goes into a total do-si-doze whenever he rests his head on my ample chest... I guess I should be flattered that I'm so soothingly pleasing to the guys, but it just feels kinda weird to have my dance-partner fall asleep halfway though every pairing.
by QuacksO February 18, 2017
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