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a mo-ped (low-powered motorized scooter) being driven by one who is high or "stoned"
guy 1: dude i was at the store the other day and i saw a do-ped go by!!

guy 2: that's sick man,i wanna do that
by preydonttalk January 19, 2011
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A local super hero. No one knows his or her true identity. Some think it might be the mayor of san marcos, some suspect it's actually a trained mountain lion. All we know is that this mysterious caped crusador spends his or her nights prowling the streets looking for misbehaving walls and villainous stop signs that need to be put in their place.
That stop sign is "Doped". The city is "Doped". That wall says "Doped".
by San marcos local news June 24, 2018
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