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A Dneirf is simply “friend” spelled backwards or an example of a Semordnilap (a word that spells a different word either way). In reality we can be a Dneirf from the words we choose to the actions we take towards others. Dneirf’s tend to do things in the wrong direction at times. Dneirfs however are not what we would define as a bully but rather are just kids and even sometimes adults that because of other circumstances going on in their lives, don’t always stop and think, causing them to act the opposite to how a true friend would typically act. The key difference is after a short amount of time and some self-reflecting, they recognize their actions and turn themselves around, showing empathy and remorse towards others. Once children learn how to turn their behaviors around, they quickly begin to see what a forward friend looks like.

Dneirf is a children's book written by Mike Resh
Today Otto was a Dneirf at school, he just was not himself and was acting in a mean way towards his friends.
by DneirfResh December 26, 2017
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