A Dumpster, or Dumpsters in general. Used in the context of dumpster diving.
"Hey, I burned you a CD."

"Why is it in a DVD case?"

"Oh, yeah, I had a bunch of those lying around. Got 'em at D-Mart for a bargain."

"It says 'Blockbuster'."

"Yeah, they threw out like 200 of them, so I've got a stack in my garage."

"... I think you might have a hoarding problem."

"What? No way. That shit comes in handy."

"You know, there was a guy once, and his brother I think, and he was crushed by an enormous stack of stuff he was hoarding."

"What kind of stuff? I mean, what are you saying?"

"I'm just saying, you know... It could... "

"Oh, just shut up."

"Yeah, whatever."




"So what's on the CD?"
by Whatever man May 09, 2008
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