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Melodramatically, histrionically, excessively, upset.
Did you hear?? They bias cut all the wedding reception cucumber sandwiches at the wrong angle! Poor Lucy...she will be divastated.
by wily_codger August 23, 2011
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when a gay man's spirits are crushed because their favorite female performer takes a nosedive personally, professionally or both.
I was diva-stated when Britney became a chunky monkey and had to see shrinks on a minutely basis so should could be deemed fit to take care of her children.
by AndyH5678 April 23, 2011
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The state of being so devastated, and also so fabulous, that you have to on the daybed (a couch will do in a pinch) all day and have people bring you treats and intoxicants.
A. After her break-up with the prince of Williamsburg, Claire was so divastated that we had to work in shifts just to keep her pillows fluffed and her glass full.

B. How does she always look impeccable even when she's in a state of divastation? It must be the waterproof mascara.
by Lady Khalayha April 17, 2013
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