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The good-luck bird (actually a stylized version of the goldfinch) of the Pennsylvania Germans, frequently painted on barns as a symbol of good luck and happiness. Derived from "Distelfink", Pennsylvania Dutch for "thistlefinch", or goldfinch.
Early German settlers in Pennsylvania thought of the distlefink, or goldfinch, as the bird of happiness and good luck for all.
by tstadler July 25, 2008
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A sex toy with twelve functioning dildos. Shapes such as a dodecahedron with a phallus on each face have been ruled out by scholarly sources as impossible to completely function, so such shapes are not considered true distlefinks. No true distlefink has ever been proven, though research at Cambridge and Notre Dame is being conducted to prove or disprove the possibility.
"Many argue that there cannot be a true distlefink, as one could not convince 12 women to use one at the same time"

"The audubon society loves distlefinks"
by Hugh Balderdash May 06, 2008
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