putting dishes or cutlery in the wrong place / order.
When someone random does the dishes and puts things back in the wrong place.

Or when someone sets the table and puts cutlery in the wrong order.

"you have put the knife in the fork draw, you must be dishlexic".
by Lok Stok November 24, 2010
1)Someone who can't cook or wash dishes. Useless in the kitchen.

2) someone who follows even a simple recipe and it still turns out nothing like it.
3) a very messy cook, dirties alot of dishes for a simple meal, bench clutter, doesnt clean as you go.
"Shes so dishlexic, I went to her house, a weeks worth of dishes were piled up. She cooked me packet crap that tasted foul."
"I followed exactly what the recipe said, and it didn't turn out close to how it should. I must be dishlexic, this always happens".
"Dude, theres shit everywhere, how did you manage to dirty all them dishes, just to make a pasta bake from leftover pasta? Clean as you go while it's in the oven. You got more of it on the bench than in the tray, just about, are you dishlexic?".
by MT83 July 29, 2022