(n): Someone who offers intellectually witty commentary contrary to popular opinion; particularly a woman.

(n): Someone who does not get offended by the opinions of others, but reacts appropriately.
Oh, did you see her respond to his ignorant statement with wit and clarity? That disgusting rat
by aclevercontradiction May 9, 2016
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3 words that Ashton keeps calling people
Somebody is a Disgusting Little Rat
by shit words September 9, 2020
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A disgusting sewer rat is a person that hasn't had a shower in at least a month, munches on pizza and nothing else, is shorter than 2ft and is worthless to this planet and out of 7 billion people on earth not one of them like you.
You're a fucking disgusting sewer rat, have a shower cunt!
by asdfhjkl;lkjhgfds July 23, 2018
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