The Social networking site better known as Facebook. This is where everyone on it is constantly embarrassing themselves, family, and friends.
I am so sick of disgrace book and all the people who would die if they couldn't update their status every five minutes.
by FUCKFACEBOOKandhaveaniceday February 27, 2011
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A pornographic website featuring videos of 18 year old women engaging in unspeakable acts of bondage and humiliation.
"Dude I was on disgraced 18 last night and they fucked this chick with a popsicle."

"You need to get out more."
by koosdelaray March 25, 2010
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dude: fun fact did u know justin bieber is from canada?
other person: what????????? his a disgrace to canada!
by munsworldddddddd August 10, 2021
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An individual who exceeds the standard disgrace monitor. An adjective is required to extend this statement in order to emphasise its disgracefulness. Once at the top level of disgracefulness, there is no way to exceed this standard.
That Drake song is a top disgrace. I've never heard such horse wank in my life.
by comp1banter April 27, 2011
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The term for the social site Facebook where people are constantly disgracing themselves, families, friends, relatives, pets and anyone else that I may have forgotten.
I am so sick of Disgrace Book and all the junkies that can't live without it for five minutes or OMG they will fucking die.
by FUCKFACEBOOKandhaveaniceday February 24, 2011
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