This guy spelled gets a dirty sanchez because he spelled it dirty sanches
by Aidem January 28, 2008
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Under anal intercourse, put your finger up her anus, then draw your finger over her upper lip, giving her a brown stripe resembling a mexican revolutionist mustache. Thus "Dirty Sanches"
I gave her a DIRTY SANCES yesterday, and she started a revolution on me!
by per March 10, 2005
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The most badass Spanish teacher you'll ever meet. They call her Mrs.Sanchez but that is just a cover-up of her true identity. She is majestic, strong, cunning. She has the power to kick ass. She's so Spanish she'll speak Spanish in a French-speaking country. If you don't watch your back she'll shove a taco and/or a burrito up your ass. Never mess with the Sanch, she won't take it lightly. If you really wish to challenge her protect your upper lip from getting sanched. She has a beautiful wart on her nose and she has the legs of a schoolgirl. Her man face really brings out her eyes.
Oh shit! The Dirty Sanch just shoved a burrito up my asshole! It felt so good!
by Sanchinator April 12, 2011
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the diareha and the poop it leaves behind, literally.
oh man theres not enough toilet paper to clean my dirty sanch-hole, these undies are gonna be ruined.
by yugoslavia24352 March 31, 2009
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When one sticks index finger in or around butthole and walks up to an unexpecting victum then rubs saturated finger between upper lip and nose area.
Boy 1 "Daaang girl did you hear what happend to Gina?!"
Boy 2 "Naw, son what went down?"
Boy 1 " Girl Gina was actin a fool so Shawndra stuck that finger of hers in her booty hole and gave Gina that dickless dirty sanches!"
by Shaafreekya January 31, 2011
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