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In economics, a monetary policy in which the value of the local currency is determined by the foreign exchange markets, with some intervention by the government (or its allies) in the event of excessive or dangerous movements.

Usually the term is applied when the country ignores long term shifts in value, but intervenes directly to avoid crises.
Most of the nations in the world have neither a hard peg nor floating currency, but something in between--a dirty float, in which trade is under some restrictions.
by abu yahya July 10, 2008
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The most pleasurable sexual move in any man or women's arsenal. When you get Dirty Floated you know the girl or guy likes you.

The Dirty Float is the ultimate move.
Man 1: Damn, My bitch Dirty Floated me last night
Man 2: No way bro, you the fuckin man!
Man 1: Yea, iv never been pleasured that much ever before
Man 2: I wish i could get Dirty Floated.
by The Dirty Float Master February 14, 2008
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A dirty float is when you have had a bowel movement that has embedded air particles so it floats. The water around it turns a brownish green color(Warning: The color may vary due to the color of the fecal matter), and the fecal matter is still floating on the surface.

hint. Easily produced when eating radishes.
Man 1: Man, I ate so many radishes last night.
Man 2: Oh ya?
Man 1: Ya I feel bad though, I went to Jodi's house later on and let go a huge dirty float in her bathroom, Cruise boat styles.
Man 2: Oh ya?
Man 1:Ya.
by Jason Green March 03, 2008
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