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The visual display of a combination of sweat, crystal meth residue, cat urine, and hair grease formed into a ring that circles one's neck. Most commonly found on hitchikers, Michael Moore followers, hippies, and homeless bums. The worst cases of this can even be seen on a black shirt, although most are seen on "Bush is the devil" semi-white t-shirts. Although this is a visual phenomenon, one usually knows of an approaching dirt ring simply by the smell of sour sausage and dirty socks. For best examples of this occurrence, spend some time in the greater San Francisco area or in Greenwich Village.
Person 1: Hey, do you smell that?

Person 2: Holy shit! What smells like ground fish and asshair?

Person 1: It's that dirtball over there protesting the Republican National Convention! His dirt ring is so big it looks like a neck brace! Anyone have some Febreeze?
by Senor Musk September 07, 2007
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The act of having anal sex with a woman just after she has taken a shit and before she has wiped her ass.
After a night of eating greasy tacos my girlfriend gave me a satisfying dirt ring. Afterwards I immediately took a shower.
by holla!saywhat!? October 26, 2010
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A term used to describe the scar from a circumcision on a males genitalia. The 'Dirt Ring' is a distinguished layer of skin which is located below the mushroom (head) of a penis. The layer of skin resembles a dirt ring since it typically is a darker tone of color compared to the remainder of the shaft's skin.
Did you see the dirt ring on Marco Bandares?

"HEY Rodgers, show me your dirt ring!" - State Farm Commercial
by BearBearBear January 03, 2013
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