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basically anyone that is a tool, typically someone that goes from being kicked off sports teams to becoming deeply religous, he or she may try to act "athlectic" by trying out for other sports (i.e. baseball). this person is obsessed with making friends
That guy is such a douche, he reminds me of a Dinsmore
by tcurtis October 19, 2010
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A large, round, convex butt found on a male, first spotted in early fall of 2006 in the midst of suburban Pennsylvania. The dinsmore is similar to its female counterpart, "junk in the trunk," although the two terms are not interchangeable.
A- "Damn, look at that Dinsmore."
B- "Baby got back!"
by hansel fabien January 15, 2008
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A man who is so attractive and fabulous that ladies find it difficult to leave him alone; a man who could turn a lesbian's sexual orientation back to hetero with just a cheeky grin and a raising of his deerstalker.

Named after H.P. Dinsmore Esq... a proper English gentleman of the old-school.
Well... that George Clooney certainly is rather popular with the ladies, isn't he? He's almost as Dinsmore as your actual Dinsmore himself.
by The Don of the North November 18, 2007
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