Dicus is used to express surprise or astonishment, usually when something unexpected happens. It has overtones of indifference and ennui and is generally used in spur-of-the-moment situations.

Dicus is generally used only by pros, as it was invented by a pro. Lately though, it has become quite mainstream.

'Dicus' may be complemented with 'cactus', its cousin word, which basically means the same as 'shit', but is more versatile.

Dicus is basically interchangeable with OMG or OMFG.
"Man.... I got fired."

"Dicus. That's Cactus."
by John Cactus August 15, 2005
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When a bald headed math teacher takes a shit on a students' forehead for failing a test
When I came home I had to explain to my parents why I recieved a Dicus Poopsac due to mass amounts of shit on face and a failing grade in geometry.
by Mr Lister May 23, 2010
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When a person puts no money in to the whip but still takes a drink at every round.
That geezer did a Dicu last night . Doing a Dicu
by Timmy McGhee November 5, 2017
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