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Synonym for home wrecker, i.e. a person who cheats with a taken individual with the intentions to break up the relationship, thus making the relationship their own.

Note: Can apply to men as well.
For women:
Bill: I heard that whore Prim is getting it in with Franklin.

Chevy: But he has a girlfriend!

Bill: Yea, she's a real dickthief.
For men:

Arturo: I heard that slut Francisco is cheating with Paul.

Jimmy: Isn't Silvano his beau though?

Arturo: Damn right girl! What a fucking dickthief.
by James Lipton II November 20, 2011
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One who steals cocks; used like the word "cockbag".
According to Colin Hart, Tim Sporcic is a complete dickthief.

Can be used like cockbag; "Surprise, dickthief!"
by Mo Jawn AK47 September 08, 2008
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Someone who engages in anal sex, being the one who receives. Essentially "taking" someones dick into their ass.
Toler: What do you think of Craig?

Nick: He takes it in the butt.

Toler: What a dick thief!
by dickthief March 10, 2011
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