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1) A SweetTart that has been rubbed on the genitalia of two men and then was eaten by another man

2) Rye Mathers is the official DickTart
1) When Rye ate that DickTart it was the funniest thing I have ever seen

2) Because Rye Mathers ate that SweetTart rubbed on mine and Will's genitals he is the Official DickTart
by Robert Williamson April 26, 2005
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In U.S. Navy jargon, dicktart is the essential piece of information; the heart of the matter; or outstanding test-preparation material (such as an old test copy). A person who is tired of hearing all the extraneous information surrounding a problem might exclaim "Just give me the dicktart!"

Originated at the U.S. Naval Academy and introduced from there into the wider navy, where it sees less frequent usage.
"Just give me the dicktart!"
by Randy "Rocky Road" Savage January 10, 2009
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