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1. Something that happens to mormons if they get caught having sex b4 marriage.
2. A person with the religious authority to carry out a sentencing order of social exile in the event of blatant violation of said religion's sexual code of conduct.
3. A place where lesbians live, somewhat like a convent or nunery.
4. Description of an alternate lifestyle.
They were dickshunned for having premarital sex.
He was a dickshunner.
She decided to go live in the dickshunary.
by newbie & enjoymint May 27, 2009
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The Church-approved/censored monk's word-reference manual; it avoids any mention of the male genitalia, since members of that group try their best to "shun" any thoughts about their "dicks".
I picked up a dickshunary for my child for a quarter at a monastery rummage sale so that it would be an "appropriate 'n' safe" version for young eyes, but then it was kinda awkward some years later when I needed to give him "The Talk", since he had no clue about "that subject" from having read his book.
by QuacksO August 09, 2018
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