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another word for nicholas, of course changing the n for a d, & the h for a k. a dirty italian manwhore who cheats on all of his girlfriends, & is never happy with his current girlfriend. pretends to like bands.
person A; omg, did you see that dickolas wearing an all time low shirt?
person B; dude, i wouldn't trust it, he probably got it from his "chick on the side" & just pretends that he loves them.
person A; yes... true, lets shun him from society!
by dead! January 22, 2008
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a pretentious, pompous, arrogant, self centered, hypocritical, two faced, unoriginal, heartless, deceitful, scheming, naive, shallow, promiscuous imp with nothing better to do than to prey upon the vunerable (usually females between the ages of 16-22).
I thought things were going to work out between us, but her turned out to be a dickolas.
by Echo Foxtrot September 30, 2007
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