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When you tape a flashlight to your dick to free up your hands. Great for finding your keys, and playing templar.
"I am dicklighting everywhere!"
"No one escapes the dicklight..."
"This little light of mine..."
by 2troger December 08, 2013
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A fowl species that love stealing vehicles and other items. They have distict light in their head
Van: I encountered another godamn dicklight
Moto: Those cunts
by TheBookshelfVanished June 22, 2018
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Jesus' huge sweaty bell end. Sometimes jews and christians inherit this property and the end of their nob glows bright red when they spaff.
Mary: omg its glowing!
Joseph: don't worry it runs in the family.
Mary: I know but that's only when you spaff.
Joseph: it must be the light of the world.
Mary:It should be named a dick light!
Joseph: It shall be!
by Job pillow beast February 23, 2018
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