Dick throb- a person who is so hot your dick throbs even if you're a woman. a really cute person. ;Smokin hot!
Dude 1- Damn that chick that was grinding on me at the club last night was smokin hot!

Dude 2- I know right! Total dick throb.
by XxLiyelzxX October 1, 2010
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a underage girl who likes to tease adult guys
Brooke was a little dick throb when she was sitting on Josh's lap.
by BjBrJo April 5, 2009
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The state of a penis when a male has been watching pornography for over 10 minutes but hasn't touched his dick in at least 5 leaving more blood in his member than his brain
"Yo man, my Throbbing Dick was so hard last night I almost passed out."
by vasikin1 February 2, 2016
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