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A psychological mindset affecting the large majority, if not all, men, in which they develop insecurities about the size of their penises and therefore deem it necessary to kill all other males whom they have (un)reasonable suspicion to believe have larger penises.

An idea first proposed by George Carlin, it serves as a credible explanation for most fights, conflicts, and wars perpetrated by and involving men.

"That's what all that asshole jock bullshit is all about. That's what all that adolescent macho-male posturing strutting in bars and locker rooms is all about: it's called 'dick fear'. Men are terrified that their pricks are inadequate, and so they have to compete with one another to feel better about themselves, and since war is the ultimate competition, basically men are killing each other to improve their self-esteem."
"Ever since James joined the football team, he's hated Michael; just yesterday, he fought him in the cafeteria. I can only guess why: dick fear."
by iAmJimmyHoffa January 25, 2014
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The fear or anxiety of someone seeing your penis for the first time.
"She got stung by a jellyfish and asked me to pee on her, but I got the dick fear".
by newer name September 12, 2008
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