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is what happens when you give your girl the long dick. shes hooked. you got that girl all kinds of dick dizzy. she cant even walk straight shes so dick dizzy. its a simple math equation, you+ long dick= one dick dizzy female.
el duderino- dude how did it go last night?
bromo- man, i accidently gave her the long dick, and she got so dick dizzy she fell down 3 times. shes trippin.

el duderino- man i want to get dick dizzy and trip.

girl- wow im so dick dizzy! can you drive me home?
dude- hell no, that shit is contagious.

dude- so you tryin to get a little dick dizzy?
girl- if i knew what that was i might try it.
dude- well here comes the long dick. you ready?
girl- oh wow this is insane! i never thought i wouold get this dick dizzy.
dude- yeahhh, you want a towel?

girl- i hate you, i dont want the long dick.
dude- bitch your dick dizzy, lay down before you get sick on my bed.
girl- your right, im so out of it, is there a cure for this?
dude- yeah, more long dick.
by sallysnaglepuss January 05, 2010
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When a girl so focused on a guy she cant think straight. He has her mind gone
Shay forgot to turn in her paper on time because she so dick dizzy over Ian.
by Wookie901 February 28, 2019
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