A unit of measure established by The International Bureau of Weights and Measures in conjunction with the International Olympics Committee, equal to approximately 5 ft/lbs of torque.
Give her about 10 Dick Pounds and back her off about a quarter turn.
by DickPound March 23, 2020
Placing your higher trump over another player's trump in the card game Euchre.
- An ace is led, and girl to left plays a nine of trump over it -

Girl: Yeah! I'm winning this trick.

- Guy plays a ten of trump on top of the nine -

by Bongoo June 13, 2011
smashing a dick using something hard like a hammer or another dick till it's flat
yesterday my girlfriend gave me a dick pounding when I told her that I'm cheating on her
by horneybastard101 November 24, 2017