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A woman who can't get enough dick and tries to steal all the dick she sees any other woman with. Often can be heard making grunting noises just before she mounts and tends to sqeal like Ned Beatty did in the movie "Deliverance" at the critical juncture of rooting. She is never satisfied and will root until becoming emaciated and dehydrated if allowed to do so. At times, she can be a really good girl to know. She only befriends swamp donkeys as stealing the dick is easier to accomplish. The young dick hog is not choosy, but the more advanced may become size queens later in life. Dick hogs often have large litters of kids since precaution is thrown to the wind when a dick presents an opportunity for rooting.
Chuck: "I heard the dick hog is back in town, I think I'll drive down to the gas station when she gets off work, take her behind the RR tracks and get some."

Bill: "Careful Chuck, I hear the dick hog is one bad bitin' sow!"
by billybadasswv November 03, 2010
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Pertaining to using too much hard drive or disc space on a computer. The first usage of this phrase was mistakenly typed "I can be such a dick hog." The 'C' was mistakenly typed instead of an 'S.'
"I am such a dick hog. I mean, disc hog."

"You're such a disc hog dude."

"Sup disc hog?" "Man. you're never going to let that down are you, disc hog?"
by whoisgringo August 15, 2007
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