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just another way of spelling douche, all the same definitions apply. looks cool when you send it in am i/m or a text message on your phone and can slide under the radar when typing in a forum that edits out bad words
hey, what was with tom last nght, he was acting like a real "dewsh"

Kathy: Jenny, what with that twat stank ?

Jenny: I know, my pussy is a little stinky, i got power fucked by john like 6 times this week. I guess i should dewsh to wash all those loads out
by jack the wack May 08, 2008
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someone eats out a chick while she is on her period and gets a mouth full of blood and takes a shot of MounTain Dew and gargles it together and spits it back in her face while her mouth is open
Man, I just did a Dewsh with my girlfriend and it tasted like a dead fish.
by MoTan Dewsh January 11, 2011
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