the breakdown of ones social impact and part on life, pretty much when all your friends and family leaves you because you left them for drugs, when you world falls apart.
related to drugs ; the social deterioration of your life.
by cocochanteaelle October 20, 2009
Used for when people try to improve something but actually make it worse overall.

This is translated from the original German word : Verschlimmbesserung
Company X is suffering improvment deterioration
by FaZe Optic Jevshot January 22, 2021
A b**ls**t US-government branch that is responsible for the eroding of our infrastructure and negatively impacting the lives of its citizens in general.
Ever since "The Donald" came to power, most of the government branches have largely "jumped the fence" and consolidated themselves into one huge Department of the Deterior!
by QuacksO August 10, 2018
such a deterioration, he was old as Carlo Qutega
by martam9 February 13, 2017