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An all-in-all amazing person. Destinny is a person you can tell everything and anything to, and be completely confident they'll keep it to themselves. Destinny is an amazing person to know because they're are sweet, loving, funny, and really cares about thoughs who are close to her. Destinny's love Brownies. A lot. And also care about her friends more than anything. If you know a Destinny you should keep her close. Because they make a great friend. Destinny's always try to look on the bright side of things which is an amazing quality to have. But usually all of a Destinny's qualities are amazing. Destinny's are super smiley people and are really seen not laughing or smiling. Destinny's give the greatest advice, and are willing to recieve advice. Which is yet another of their amazing qualities. Destinny's are secure with their bodies and they're personalities. They don't need to change for people. You either accept them, or you don't. They don't give a hoot.
Guy 1 - "Hey, who's that over there?"

Guy 2 - "Oh, that's Destinny! She's my super ultra mega bestfriend!"

Guy 1 - "Oh, lucky. I wish I had a super ultra mega bestfriend like her."
by _Carmel_Swag_ November 08, 2014
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